The 3 C's of Life

Family, friends, the people I love and co-workers: announcement time.

So, as someone who observes, someone who witnesses moments, gets the privilege to either record those moments or just be in them there are some photos from The University of Kansas that I'm proud of. The two below are recent shots but there are others over the course of 6 years here.

You see folks, when all is good in the world personally with me that's when my photography shines. For my job, here at KU, it's putting on headphones, walking down the boulevard and just being in the moments. You sorta zone out to zone in. Many times, those moments have deep meaning personally for me. Both photos below have a common theme, it is hope, faith, trust, taking a chance, living life, a willingness to "go for it" as it were.

The first shot of the couple sitting next to the Campanile was a moment that I will never forget. I was walking around and decided to veer off the beaten the path, to get away from the boulevard. I noticed a couple walking towards me, talking but kind of a few feet away from each other. They were nervous, they were could tell it was all new to them. I watched them walk past me and settle in at that bench. I kept away watching them talk, laugh and get closer together. When they were done they walked past me but this time very close together. It was like before my eyes they had become best friends...buddies...pals. That's always the best way to start something. You have to be best friends. I knew that they would be just fine.

The second picture, although looks lonely, I find it to be full of hope. I was walking, it was a time between classes when hardly anyone is outside but I noticed this one guy, skateboard in hand walking towards a building...our Art and Design building. Being an artist, a painter, a sculptor, a photographer is a scary thing to do in life. It takes courage to rise up and choose a different path. That shot is not someone walking away from something, it's someone walking towards something. I've always thought, "Here's this young kid, walking towards this place where he belongs..having the courage to try." I remember thinking, "yeah...courage."

I've thought about both of these photos a lot lately.

Yesterday I gave notice and resigned my job as Chief Photographer at KU. I'm going to pursue a full time career as a freelance photographer and film production professional. I'll be here for a short period of time, then I'm moving out of the area. I would like to say to my co-workers and friends here at KU, and those co-workers who are no longer with us in this office, that I will miss you....and thank you for the time spent.

Since late July this year I decided to make some big changes. Things just stared to click in my life. I made a promise to the people I love and to a very special person to get healthy and lose weight (today I'm 35 lbs down!). I decided to stop mourning, living in the past and letting the bad things in life that happened to weigh me down. I decided to open myself up, stop with the cynicism and just let life unfold and it has been soooo wonderful. My life has truly changed and I am thankful and grateful for every moment. Thankful and grateful for the people in my life that I love and who love me..all of you new and old. After many years I've actually been back to church a couple of times and look forward to those Sundays again, soon. Faith is a funny thing, it's always buried deep inside you but eventually it will find its' way out and comes to the surface. For that I am also grateful.

The things that matter most in the life, family, friends, people we love, the career we want, etc. sometimes require not just words, not just the talking but the action behind it. The best things in life or certainly the things that have the best potential require action. Life is short and can be gone in an instant, so live every moment like it was your last.

How does that little saying go? "You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change."


I have a couple of signs hanging up at my place. I believe them both wholeheartedly. One says, "Live Well, Love Much, Smile Often" The other says, "Life is not measured by the number breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away."

I hope everyone smiles today and has a moment that takes your breath away. Much love.