What's your favorite photo?

Photos are wonderful things. They can evoke a bunch of emotions. They can make us smile, cry, laugh, feel a deep sense of connection and they give us memories that just make us happy.

I'm not talking about photos that "technically" perfect or photos that considered "masterpieces" or famous work. I'm talking about the photos that just make you feel good. Those ones that when you look at it or hold it in your hand it brings back beautiful memories. 

One of those photos for me is the one below. Me, a dork with big glasses, and this cute chubby little baby....my brother, Ben. When getting photos done my folks would always drag me to Olan Mills in Springfield, Missouri. You know, one of those places with big fake backdrops. I have a shot of myself in my junior high basketball uniform sitting on a fake rock in the middle of the woods. Cause, you know, that's what all kids do when they're in their basketball uniform.  I wanted a brother or sister so bad and my parents didn't think it would ever happen again, the chances were slim that Mom could have another baby. Then, it happened, my brother was born. I remember sitting at Olan Mills with my new brother thinking.....this is cool being here at Olan Mills. I hope we get to do this again!!

What is a photo that has deep meaning to you? Feel free to post in the comments  below. I would love to see your photos!

Much love, everyone.