Climb Your Wall

 Steel Creek, Ponca Valley Arkansas

Steel Creek, Ponca Valley Arkansas

Dang, that's a big wall, right? 

After taking the picture of it and looking around at all of the beautiful stuff around me I stared at this big ole wall right in front of me for a long time. And let me tell you folks, I'm a master when it comes to walls. Whether it be putting up walls to keep out people or keep myself from goals or keep myself from finding "my true happy."  I am the wall friggin' master. I myself have built up some pretty darned big walls. We all do, right? It's in our human nature to do so. Walls can keep you safe, they can put enough distance between you and people in life that you don't quiet want to let in. Walls are safety, sometimes for ourselves and sometimes they're built out of love for the people that mean the most to us in life. Walls can be a huge protector...yes? But here's the deal about walls.

Walls can also keep you from many wonderful things in life. Maybe you've seen some of those wonderful things but put that wall back up for reasons that seemed perfectly valid at the time. More than likely you were building a wall instead of continuing to build a rock solid foundation. Sometimes we realize we do and sometimes we don't. Guess what? Challenge yourself not to build so many walls. Because once you realize within yourself to break all your walls down and shatter them, and let me tell will,  you might encounter another big wall staring you right in your face. But it's ok, there's always hope. Next to love, hope is the best four letter word around.

If you look closely what else do you see around this wall? A bunch of trees going straight up and upon closer inspection their are places to put your feet and hands. You can climb a wall, you don't have to bulldoze through it nor do you have to simply take another path around you that might be easy and simply forget the wall. Climb the damn wall. Cause here's the thing, I guarantee you that once you get up that wall, you make that climb, what is on the other side is something of indescribable beauty. It's the best thing in this world and it was well worth the climb. Know that the best things in life, no matter how big the wall, are always worth it and deserve nothing less than your absolute best effort.