Know when to capture a moment with a camera and when to just live in the moment.


It’s photo school time.

So does this work?

Let’s make a checklist:

Good lead line: check. You let your eyes go off the edge into the unknown…yep I framed it that way for a reason.

Differences in the color palette: check. That red coupled with the blue water evokes all kinds of emotions. Pretty cool and clever…huh?

Does it further evoke an emotion? Sure the emotion of adventure…sailing off into the unknown. Makes you want to hop in the boat..yes?

Did I capture the real moment? NOPE…this is an epic fail of ridiculous proportions.

Sometimes, actually most of the time, the moment isn’t the damn shot. It’s what’s all around you to make a moment and a memory. Cause more than likely you’re. missing it all just for a what you think is a clever snap. It’s not about a damn piece of film, a digital sensor, a lens, a viewfinder, etc. As photographers we spend a lifetime thinking we’re so smart by getting those moments when in reality we are not..we are perhaps more blind than most. I can name many of these. kind of shots where in reality the camera should have been down or at least used for another kind of shot.

Once you put down the camera and simply use your memory, you realize the truth. There is a famous quote that is the truth about cameras and. photography. The quote is by Dorothea Lange and it is my most favorite photo quote. “The camera is an instrument that teaches people to see without a camera.” So before we all think we’re all so damn clever ask yourself, what moment did I really get and what moment did I really miss?

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