How to - Time-Lapse on your smartphone


So, a few of you not familiar with how to do time lapses here you go. This is for iPhone folks but really the same applies to any phone.

There's various apps to do a time lapse. On iOS "Lapse It" is a nice $1.99 app but I tend to use the native camera app. Yep, your native camera has a time lapse feature also. You'll notice I have a telephoto lens attached to the camera. Unless you have extra lenses the one on your camera is fine. The lens is from Moment. If you want one check out:

1. Make sure your phone is fully charged and you have some space on your phone.

2. Open up "Camera" Notice the slider at the bottom? Slide it to the far left and you will see Time-Lapse.

3. Make sure you have the phone stabilized somehow. A tripod, propping it up on something...whatever. Just make sure it's secured without movement. I use a tripod and a little thing called "Reti-Cam" to put the phone on the tripod. Many different options, message me if you need help deciding what to get. 

4. Tap and hold your finger on the a screen wherever you want focus and hold down until you see a large yellow box. The box will go from small to large size. Once you done this you've  locked focus. Still keep the finger down and you will notice a little yellow slider the right of the box with a "sun"icon. This is where you can lock exposure. Simply move the slider to what looks good THEN let off the screen. Now you're locked and loaded.

At the top of screen you will see "AE/AF Lock"

5. Press the little red button and grab a seat, read a book, talk to friends, do your laundry...whatever. The longer it goes the longer the time lapse. Once done just go to your camera album and you've got a time lapse.

6. Have fun and enjoy everyone. Any questions you're always welcome to find me on Facebook or Twitter  and I'll try to help.