Regardless of budget, everyone deserves respect, good work and good end product.


How do you shoot a location based portrait and stand in the middle of a bridge? Regardless if it’s for a business, a publication or a family type of portrait why should you care? 

When doing a portrait you always must look at the situation and use the appropriate tools to get the shot. If you have time, and a willing subject, you try to find a cool location that plays opposite of what they do and where they work. In this case Miles was open to spending a little time at a location. I could have shot him at his home studio or somewhere doing a gig or in a little club but really, what fun would that be? This was for a weekly publication called “The Pitch” in KC. One of those weekly arts and entertainment publications. 

It was late in the afternoon in Kansas City when this was shot. The light was going low and there was very front light for his face. This is a classic example of needing to light. Yes, a photographer could shoot wide open at high ISO (film speed) and blow out the background and not light but the location makes the shot. It’s always about the light you have then the light you need to make.

This is a bridge with an upper deck, a lower deck and the ground under the bridge. By choosing the lower deck you get some diffused light to start with and from there you build the light. So, how is it set up. You use the natural light as an overall light source then here I used two wireless flashes (Olympus flashes) to light Miles from the front. He was nice enough to drive to couple of locations, so this was all about speed but at the same time getting a good looking shot.

Here’s a quick diagram below with the finished shot.

So you're thinking, "Chuck, that's cool but why should I care? I'm not a magazine or publication." Here's the deal. Regardless of use and regardless of your budget everybody deserves the same attention, the same respect and the same delivery of a good end product. 

Portraits for you biz, family, friends or loved ones...give me a buzz.